Saturday, June 5, 2010

Decorating Basics Wilton Method Course

The Wilton Method® Decorating Basics Course is the perfect place to start! We will show you the right way to decorate, step by step, so that you experience the excitement of successfully decorating your first cake.

You’ll understand how to bake a great cake, see how to make and color icing and learn the best way to ice the cake. You will also practice the three fundamentals of decorating, enabling you to approach each technique the right way for great results.

Along the way, you’ll learn to create icing drop flowers, rosettes, shells, pompom flowers, leaves, shaggy mums, and the ribbon rose. You’ll also decorate cookies, cupcakes … and of course cakes!
Not only will you quickly learn just how easy it is to create the perfect dessert for any occasion but you will also get to share the fun with other students, who encourage you along the way.

Topics covered in Decorating Basics include:

  • How to Bake a Great Cake
    Buttercream Icing
    Using Decorating Bags and Couplers
    Icing the Cake
    Leveling and Torting the Cake
    Using the Star Tip
    Drop Flower, Rosette
    Dimensional Decorating
    Pompom Flower, Leaves
    Filling and Icing a Cupcake
    Guidelines for Elementary Cake Design
    Printing, Writing, Rose Base
    Piping Gel Pattern Transfer
    Ribbon Rose
    Guidelines for Decorating Your Cake

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