Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gumpaste Flower Bouquet

Gumpaste flowers make any cake look spectacular!They are so realistic looking you will think they are real.
Come and learn how to make beautiful flowers and arrange them to create an elegant bouquet.

Saturday September 25
10:00 - 3:30 pm

Save-A-Thon across Kings Plaza is the only location that has this class so make sure to register at:
2452 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y.(718) 258-8500


· Wilton Floral Collection Flower Making Set
· Wilton Leaf Cut-Outs Set
· Wilton Hearts Nesting Cutter Set
· Wilton Roll and Cut Mat
· Wilton 9” Rolling Pin
· Wilton 10pc. Fondant Gum Paste Tool Set
· Wilton Ready-to-Use Gum Paste
· Wilton Flower Stamen Assortment and /or Yellow Stamens
· Wilton Pearl Dust or Petal Dust green, yellow, and pink
· Small Plastic Container
· Small and Medium Soft artist’s Brushes
· Small Drinking Glass
· Scissors
· Small spatula
· Wilton Icing Colors (yellow, green, brown, orange, pink, purple)
· Block of Thick Styrofoam
· 1 empty egg container
· Plastic Wrap, Practice Board, Cotton Balls, Ziploc Bags,Cornstarch and Shortening
· Floral tape and stiff wire (16, 18 or 20) and fine wire (26 or 28)
· A Needle Nose Pliers

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  1. Hi!!
    I would like to know the class schedule for October. I don't live in NY but I will be visiting from Oct 1 to Oct 27 and I want to take as many classes as I can!