Saturday, June 30, 2012


2013 Wilton Yearbook

The new 2013 Wilton Yearbook is here and is full of cakes for every occasion. Start planning a year of unforgettable celebrations with this idea-packed book! Discover more than 200 spectacular ideas for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candies perfect for holidays, birthdays and special events. As always, Wilton makes it easy, so you can make it amazing!
  • Cake Couture! Special Section. It’s a fashion show for red-carpet cakes! Designs play off exciting looks in fabrics, jewelry and art, including our incredible cover cake with colorful curls, big bright flowers and zebra print highlights.

  • Birthday Fun for Everyone. Designs you’ll see nowhere else, including a video kid cake with a huge candy TV screen, first birthday carriage cakes decorated for a princess or a racecar driver and a dumptruck cake, which pours sprinkles on party cupcakes.

  • Wedding Masterpieces. Our portfolio for 2013 features cakes with multiple textures and unexpected color combinations. Lattice daisies, tightly woven ruffles with the look of cornelli lace and gathered belts of chocolate fondant are just a few of the exciting looks in store.
And like in every Wilton yearbook is has:
  • Convenient Step-By-Step Decorating Guide. Decorate with success by following the detailed instructions for techniques used with our 2013 Yearbook cakes. Also includes recipes, baking and serving guide, essentials of decorating and more.
  • Product Shops. Pick up the Wilton products you need to make decorating easy and fun!
So don't wait more and go get your copy now!


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  1. I'll be in New York from January 24 to February 6. Can you give me
    information about the courses on this date. Especially, I want to know
    cake decorating course.


    Ozden Coskun