Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mini Handbag Cupcake Class

Learn to make chic handbags out of cupcakes. This is a two-hour class and you need to sign up in advance.
Please bring with you the next items:

Essential supplies:

6 or 8 Standard size cupcakes (home-baked* or un-iced store bought)

1 blue, pink, yellow, purple, copper, brown and black wilton Icing Color

1 Wilton 10pc. Fondant Gum Paste Tool Set

1 Wilton Decorator Icing White container

1 White Ready To Use Rolled Fondant package

1 Wilton gum paste package

1 Wilton Food Writer Primary Colors Edible Markers

1 Wilton roll and cut mat

1 9 in. Rolling pin

1 Flowers cut-outs set

1 Round cut-outs set

2 Wilton disposable decoration bags

1 Decorating tip 1M

1 Paint brush

1 Wilton clear vanilla extract

1 Small angled spatula

Wilton Practice board, Ziploc bags and Apron

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